page contents Stepping Stones Sober Living, Huntsville, AL - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What should I bring?

Each resident shares a bedroom in a typical house including a bed, a shared kitchen, and washer/dryer. Most residents bring work clothes, toiletries, bedding, and personal items.

2. Are cell phones and cars permitted?

Yes. A vehicle is permitted under the condition it is legally insured and operated. We recognize that free access to a car may not be in a resident’s best interest early in their recovery. Therefore we encourage residents to discuss this issue with family members and their program leader. However, transportation is provided by Stepping Stones so a car is not necessary. Stepping Stones encourages its residents to become independent and fully self-supporting. Thus cell phones to assist in job searches or communicate with sponsors are helpful. For residents without cell phones, a house phone is provided.

3. Are visitors permitted?

Absolutely. Stepping Stones encourages family and children to visit with their loved one in public areas. We only ask that visitors respect the privacy of other residents.

4. What is the policy on taking a pass?
When a resident first enters our community, we expect them to focus on their recovery, forming relationships with their housemates, and attaining gainful employment. For the first 30 days, all residents are on Level 1 which means they cannot take a pass and have a 9 pm curfew. After they are promoted, pass requests are reviewed by
their program director.

5. How do you deal with finances? How can I afford it?

Stepping Stones understands the financial strains felt by individuals and families close to addiction. Rent includes access to transportation and food staples so residents can live frugally until they rebuild their financial lives. Two weeks rent is expected upon entry to Stepping Stones which provides time to attain employment. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find a job and our success rate exceeds 90%. In order to move from Level 1 to Level 2 with greater privileges, a resident must have a zero account balance. At that point they become eligible for a 30% rent reduction.

6. How can I be guaranteed my loved one will be safe and stay clean and sober?

Starting with our rigorous screening process, Stepping Stones makes every effort to ensure only individuals dedicated to a lifestyle of recovery are allowed within our community. Random drug screens are given to provide confidence that our residents and houses are alcohol and drug free. If a resident returns to active addiction, they are separated from the community immediately. There are no guarantees that any recovering alcoholic/addict will remain abstinent. It is clear that men and women who engage in a 12-Step program of recovery, establish healthy social net works, become self-supporting, and live in a sober living setting have a much higher rate of success.