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Apply Today: Call 256-469-4415

Apply Today: Call 256-469-4415


Stepping Stones provides sober living and support services in the greater Huntsville area. If you are serious about recovery, then we are serious about helping you.

Stepping Stones currently accepts adult men and women. There is no length of sobriety requirement. The criteria for admission are:

1. Ability to pass a drug screen.
2. Recent completion of a treatment program.
3. Ability to be employed (legal ID, social security card).

Once accepted, residents can stay as long as they like, provided they are current on their rent, remain sober, and follow the house rules. We interview potential residents at our house meetings on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.


Click the button below to download an application. You may email completed applications to us at We suggest bringing your completed application to your interview unless you are coming directly from treatment. To schedule an interview contact us through the form below or call 256-469-4415.


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I understand that my membership at Stepping Stones is contingent upon 1) abstinence from alcohol and drugs, 2) attendance at weekly Stepping Stones house meetings, 3) payment of fair share expenses. Failure to meet these conditions is grounds for immediate expulsion from the house. In accepting these terms, the applicant understands he/she has no lease and is exempt from due process afforded under the landlord-tenant laws.